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Hi I'm Frank a pro landscape photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. I am a firm believer that a 5am wake up call is an opportunity to grab the morning light and create something truly special. Ironically, my background is in fine art, yet photography has always been the foundation of every artistic project that I made during my years at University. I found that over time I wanted to create more and more photographs. To understand why this was so important to me as a creator and to dive deeper into photography and videography.   
Today, my work focuses on landscape, portraiture, product and video. Using elements of each of these in some cases to create projects for clients or to simply further my YouTube channel. Writing has always been a huge part of my photographic career and I have somehow turned my interest of photojournalism and documentary photography into writing articles, interviews and book reviews for some pretty prestigious magazines. if your interested in reading some of my work, do check out the 'Journals' page on Life Framer magazine, my 'Author's page' on DODHO magazine and my frequently published book reviews on Float Magazine as well.

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DODHO Magazine Interviews


As a contributing writer for @DODHO magazine I have had the opportunity to interview and communicate with both industry professionals and photographers that have produce work that inspire and challenge the photographic landscape. I love to write interviews and understand why photographers produce the work they do, what projects move them and what subjects fascinate them the most.  

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